Dip. Oldie I never posted, seeing the light.

From flight to Hopetown. Very little editing - was so mysterious outside. A taste of Indiana Jones, no?

Museum of Natural History - Fertilization

Preview from my trip to the Natural History museum. 

Over Under

New illustration/poster I designed back in April, after a long and ongoing infatuation with Edith Piaf (and the way she uses her hands as she sings).

Now available in print: http://www.etsy.com/listing/96097879/non-je-ne-regrette-a-rien-edith-piaf-12

San Francisco (4)

IMG_2235a IMG_2228a IMG_2230a

I was lucky enough to be coming home when much of the US was covered in snow. No clouds in sight, the view was intense. None of these were converted to black and white - the snow turned it all to contrast.

San Francisco (3)

_MG_2184 _MG_2189 _MG_2188 _MG_2185 _MG_2191

Type, Color, and Boats at Half-Moon Bay.

San Francisco (2)

_MG_2134 IMG_2131 IMG_2146 _MG_2161 _MG_2152 IMG_2147 _MG_2164

Sunday, and the California coast.

San Francisco (1)


_MG_2075  _MG_2205 _MG_2079 IMG_2110 _MG_2081

I didn’t take many photos on my trip out west - half attributed to an escape from technology, and half because of bad weather.

Above: Hawk, Jenn’s Shiba / Home Decor / Beautiful script at Ritual / Best cake of my life / Someday I am Going to Write a Story, SF MOMA

at Brooklyn Comics + Graphic Fest.